Northern Opportunity was featured in a KNOM piece about the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration visit to the Bering Strait Region last week:

Ethan Tyler, Manager of Economic Development for the state of Alaska’s Division of Economic Development, was one of the interagency employees who participated in the conversation about the region’s economy. Tyler explains there was another reason why he was visiting Nome: to gather information for a state-wide economic strategy.

“I like to describe it as kind of a roadmap, which we’re in the process of creating, where there’s a lot of background research done both on challenges of the past and some of the legacy challenges to business and economic growth in the State, what’s been done about it in the past, so, in that sense, you’re kind of mapping out where you’ve already been,” surmised Tyler. “Part of the reason that we are here is we’re going around the State and doing community forums where we talk with business and community leaders in different regions of the state.”

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