Goals and Objectives

The goals below have been developed through the process of community and industry engagement. Through community forums, the individual economic survey, business forums and the business survey, the project team began to formulate goal areas, objectives and action items, which were refined by sessions with the Northern Opportunity Strategy Committee and continued business and community engagement.

Business Development: Cultivate a resilient business climate that supports growth and expansion of existing and emerging industries.

Finance and Investment: Maximize the productive use of capital for Alaska business expansion.

Economic Development Infrastructure: Build the transportation, energy, and technological foundations for economic growth.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Position Alaska to thrive in a technologically advanced global economy.

Economic Development Capacity Building: Strengthen the ability of Alaska organizations to execute economic development initiatives that create jobs and investment.

Quality of Life: Improve the attractiveness and livability of Alaska communities to attract and to retain a quality workforce and to set the foundations for economic well-being.