Economic Development Capacity Building

Objective 1: Improve the resiliency and health of existing businesses.

Partners: ARDORs, AEA, USDA, Local municipalities and chambers of commerce.

Resources: Executive Pulse software system, DED training program, USDA’s Rural Development Energy Programs.

Action Items:

  • Continue and expand the DED’s Business Retention & Expansion program.
  • Help businesses improve operational expenses through energy audits and other energy cost reducing measures.

Objective 2: Create new statewide coordination mechanisms for economic and business development.

Partners: Statewide private sector businesses, ARDORs, AIDEA, International Economic Development Council (IEDC), University of Alaska Business Enterprise Institute, DED.

Resources: EDA, DED, AIDEA, private sector businesses.

Action Items:

  • Convene statewide business leaders to gauge desire for new statewide business development group or entity that remains consistent through political changes.
  • Assess the potential for different statewide economic development models, such as business roundtables, public-private partnerships, state corporations, and others.
  • Host economic development training events and venues for sharing of best practices.
  • Provide a centralized source of resources and technical assistance that community and economic development organizations throughout the state can utilize for sustainability and growth.
  • Expand a nimble network-based approach to economic and community development through frameworks such as Strategic Doing and Collective Impact.