Strategy Committee Resources

The Division of Economic Development, with assistance from the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development, are conducting community forums across the state, and utilizing the topics outlined in Northern Opportunity Goals. This provides a basis for conversation and ideas relating to the relevant topics for economic development and community direction.

Strategy Committee Job Description:

Members of the committee will assist the Division in the process of crafting an enduring and inclusive state-wide economic development strategy that is inclusive of all community members and industries. Committee members will be asked to:

  • Attend committee meetings and provide input on project strategy and activities.
  • Assist with, and attend where possible, community and industry forums which are intended to gather input from business and community leaders of specific regions and industry throughout the state.
  • Promote the project to friends, family and co-workers, with the purpose of encouraging participation in the on-line forum and community and industry forums.
  • Review the final document and make recommendations and revisions prior to the document being released for public comment.
  • Approve the final document, following the public comment on the released draft.

Strategy Committee Member List


Jane Angvik facilitates a community forum in Fairbanks.

Example Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies:

Community Forums:
Click here for notes from community forums.

Industry Forums:
Click here for notes from industry related forums.

Individual Survey Results:
Click here for individual survey results.

January 17th Strategy Committee Powerpoint with Notes

February 27th Strategy Committee Powerpoint with Notes